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Haliburton Village Universal Design Bathroom


Universal Design Bathroom



This spa-like retreat is anything but ordinary. Constructed on the principles of Universal Design, this bathroom is fully accessible with features like non-slip flooring, a flip-down shower bench and in-shower hand controls to adjust the water from a seated position. For decor, we went with a soft cool palette, stunning Cambria countertop and luxe hardware. Crisp white Turkish towels, elegant Roman-style window treatment and a framed artwork finish the room.

What you can’t see is that we’ve intentionally designed this room to be modified over time. There’s a removable section in the vanity so that someone in a wheelchair can use the sink and mirror. And hidden behind the drywall and in the ceiling are plywood blocks so assistive-equipment like grab bars and a lift system can be installed in future if needed. This was just one part of the Universal Design renovation we did in this home. We loved putting our Universal Design training to work, and we’re extremely proud of the result.

Photos by Positive Media

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