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2019 Decor Ideas From North America’s Largest Furniture Show

Don’t let our small town roots fool you—we travel far and wide to bring the latest and best in decor and design to Haliburton. Those of you who follow us on Facebook and Instagram know that we’ve just been to North Carolina for the largest furniture show in North America, High Point Market. It’s THE show to attend for the latest and hottest in design. At 11.5 million square feet, the size of this show is unreal. Since we were literally walking for days, we donned our most fashion-forward walking shoes and hit the pavement. We spoke with hundreds of vendors and saw some truly incredible pieces. (Oh, how we’d love to bring them all to Haliburton!)

Here are some of our favourites from fall 2018 High Point Market—expect to see items like these in style magazines this winter and spring 2019.


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