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Press: Aging In Place Renos Consider Future Needs

As seen in Sun Homes And Decor

Andria Cowan Molyneaux of ACM Designs created the design of a “universal bathroom” for a Haliburton family that needed to renovate their bathroom to allow accessibility for their adult son who suffers from a progressive illness. The couple were thrilled with the renovation and design that allows them to incorporate their needs so they can stay living in their home with a bathroom that allows them to “age in place” as well. The bathroom design features anti-slip flooring, a curbless shower that features a sitting bench and taps that are able to be used while in a sitting position. Also, a fully customizable vanity that has removable storage to accommodate a wheelchair for the future, in addition to reinforced walls to allow future handrails when necessary. An accessible design created for the whole family without comprising style and elegance in the bathroom.

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