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Billings Lake Main Floor


Billings Lake Main Floor



The big dream for this cottage reno in Highlands East was a colourful, whimsical space fit for a young family. The project spanned the kitchen, dining room and great room. The existing open floor plan gave us the perfect opportunity to incorporate something we’ve wanted to do for quite some time—install a built-in banquette. To stay on-budget, we used our client’s existing table and chairs and added an upholstered L-shaped bench. It’s an inviting dining area, and it opened up floor space. We went DIY with the decor, painting the paddles that we mounted on the wall, and bold with the couch and pillows.

To balance the room, we kept the kitchen area simple with solid neutrals and matte black hardware. The eye-catching glass tile backsplash ties the entire room together and nails the brief. The final touches were carefully chosen to add warmth to the room. We went with natural pieces like a wood bowl from Haliburton Forest and a plant from our neighbours at Country Rose.

Photos by Positive Media

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