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10 Secrets for Decorating a Small Space

While you may not be able to pull square footage out of a hat, it’s entirely possible to work magic with the a small space. This month we’re designing the tiniest of spaces: an ice fishing hut. Inspired by this project, here are 10 tips to help you decorate even the smallest of spaces–without compromising to style.

Go light. A light, calm, neutral colour palate tricks the eye into thinking a room is more spacious than it actually is. Stick with a cohesive colour scheme throughout the space, and use small patterns to break up the solids without overwhelming the eye.

Elevate décor. Floor space is precious in a smaller rooms, that’s why you should reserve it for essential furniture like sofas and beds. For other pieces, consider items that don’t have to rest on the floor such as wall-mounted sconces instead of floor lamps, or storage bins that tuck under a coffee table instead of sitting openly on the floor.

Use height. When square footage is limited, make use of the walls. Use all of the height that’s available to you in your space with book cases that reach the ceiling, floating shelves, gallery walls for artwork and lots of shelves inside the closet.

Double up. Be creative and choose furnishings that serve more than one function. This can include a collapsible table, multi-function chair, sofa bed or day bed. In addition, always aim to select items that have built-in storage—something we all need more of, especially in a small space. Look for beds with drawers underneath, or benches and ottomans with interior compartments.

Declutter. Keep flat surfaces uncluttered. Remember, less is more. Clutter will make your small space feel smaller. If you do display some items, aim for a simple group of three. Whether they be candles, vases or other collectibles, the odd-numbered grouping is more eye-catching.

Be uniform. Focus on carrying design elements throughout the space, versus trying to blend multiple styles together. For example, in our Kash Lake beverage centre, we installed a custom panel over the wine fridge door so it blends with the rest of the base cabinetry.

Hang up. Trying to find room for a TV? A media console takes up significant floor space and collects unwanted clutter. Instead, leverage the vertical height of your room by mounting TVs on the wall.

Round out. Instead of trying to make a large dining table fit a small area, spare yourself some room by selecting a small circular one instead. Consider options that have additional table leaves and expand into an oval shape if you occasionally need to host additional guests.

Reflect. A common decorating trick involves mirrors. Reflections of the room create the illusion of a larger area, and can also make a space feel light and airy. If your room has a window, try to reflect its view to amplify the natural light and add brightness. Go for large mirrors if possible, or a gallery wall of different shapes and sizes.

Add glass. Light coloured glass furnishings, doors and partitions are ideal for small spaces because they hold far less visual weight than other materials. Of course, large windows are also wonderful because they open up the space.


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