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3 Design Tricks to Boost Your Business

Interior design is a powerful tool for businesses that have customers visit their premises. Dated, worn and damaged spaces create negative perceptions of quality, care and currency in the minds of customers. For businesses that care about branding, interior design is an extension of marketing that will make a major impact. Interior design is even more important for businesses that want to be perceived as innovators, designers, forward thinkers, clean or high quality, etc.

Simply updating the aesthetics of a space, also known as restyling or redecorating, can completely change how your business comes across to customers. Here are the three tricks designers will use to restyle your space:

Changing the Colour Palette

Nothing changes the mood in a room better than colour. From paint and wallpaper to fabric and  linens, here are many ways to inject colour into a room. Understanding the best places for using colour (and planning how you will change a room quickly and inexpensively from season to season), as well as ensuring the palette works beautifully with the lighting and overall property, are key to selecting a palette that works well.

Altering the Layout and Furnishings in Your Space

A thoughtfully planned room is extremely important to ensure the space functions well and looks inviting. Areas where people congregate, like a lounge or reception, should have very deliberate furniture groupings and flow to make them both welcoming and practical.  Furniture design is also an important factor. Pieces should be selected to withstand wear and tear, and also align aesthetically with your brand (is it contemporary or traditional is design, does the colour adhere to brand standards, etc.).

Updating Your Finishings

While sometimes treated as an afterthought, finishing touches such as pillows, mirrors and rugs,  make a room cohesive and attractive. Think of your furnishings as the icing on a cupcake—done beautifully and the cupcake (or room) is irresistible. Consider art: “Adding local art in (your) design scheme will improve guests’ perception of the place and create a genuine experience. From small sculptures and photography to large-scale installations, integrating an art project … could be an easy way to success,” writes design website

Wiser Spending

Decorators can recommend where to spend your money to achieve the end result you are hoping for. For example, they might suggest simply replacing the bathroom counter top, sink and tiling rather than a full renovation. Their assessment is your best bet for ensuring this investment in your property goes far.

Decorating should be done with height, texture, colour and function in mind, as well as how you  will group the objects. Styling a room requires a creative and experienced eye, so if you don’t have it, call upon a professional—you won’t be disappointed.


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