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ACM Designs Wins Members’ Choice in Community Futures Award

*Blush* We are so proud to tell you that we won members’ choice from Community Futures Ontario. This is a big provincial business award that’s been running for 25 years. They get hundreds of nominations from the 61 development corporations across the province for three awards—including this one, which we just added to our award shelf.

Andria was also nominated for “entrepreneur of the year” because of her strength in these areas:

  • She’s illustrated innovation in business practice

  • She has built the business with resources at hand

  • Andria has created a positive employment and economic outcomes in the community

If you were one of the people who voted ACM Designs for “Members’ Choice” thank you so very much! Between this, the design award we got in spring for the Willow Beach redesign, and Katie’s 30 Under 30 win, we’re having an incredible year.


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