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Decor Tips for Your Dock Oasis

It’s the height of summer. This is when we flock to our docks for lakeside R&R and socializing. The ACM Designs team has been dreaming of dock decor. We are having so much fun that we put our ideas together in a blog post for you. Here’s are some of our ideas for creating a truly special dock oasis:

Pick a colour palette for your dock

We lean toward a soft, soothing palette inspired by the surrounding area. Sky blues, greys, and natural materials like teak or wicker. Once you’ve picked your palette, stay true to it with every piece you add. This is a big part of making the space cohesive. Create functional areas Function is key when it comes to styling a dock. Think about traffic flow and lighting, in addition to chairs and tables. If you have a big dock there may be a couple different areas you want to set up for lounging, like a quiet area for reading and a separate multi-seat area for socializing.

Chairs and beyond

Your chairs and their fabric set the tone and function of the space. If you have a small footprint steer clear of bulky pieces. For the fabric, opt for a solid or quiet pattern in a neutral colour. This way you can completely change the look and feel through all the other elements. But tables and chairs alone aren’t enough to create a pulled together look. The incredible impact of adding potted plants at different heights and textiles like an outdoor rug and pillows may surprise you. Just don’t forget to get the pillow covers made with outdoor fabric so they last multiple seasons. Our final tip: group objects in odd numbers (3 lanterns, or 5 potted plans).


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