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Is Hiring an Interior Decorator for Your Renovation Worth It?

Many people planning their first renovation wonder if they can get away without hiring a professional interior decorator. Renovations are costly. But mistakes that prolong the construction period or increase the scope of work make renos even more expensive. Ask people who have hired a decorator for their past projects and you’ll learn they are worth every penny.

Here are all the ways a professional interior decorator will add value to your renovation:

Start-to-finish Project Management

An interior decorator coordinates your project from start to finish to ensure it is as efficient as possible. If anything unexpected arises, they re-arrange the plan to avoid costly downtime.


Designers have many industry contacts and relationships with accredited tradespeople. By working with an interior designer, you can count on quality workmanship and reliable workers throughout the project.

Time Management

Overseeing a design project requires a substantial amount of time—more if it is new territory for you. To minimize the impact on your business, and allow you to focus on keeping the property running, hire a decorator to manage your project. Their expert coordination will ensure expedience and minimal impact on your business.

Wiser Spending

Decorators can recommend where to spend your money to achieve the end result you are hoping for. For example, they might suggest simply replacing the bathroom counter top, sink and tiling rather than a full renovation. Their assessment is your best bet for ensuring this investment in your property goes far.


Decorators are artistic by nature, but they also have formal training and methodology for enhancing the aesthetics and function of spaces. Expect them to work with you to bring their vision to life and create a truly spectacular space.

In addition to giving your space a polish that only professionals typically attain, designers bring experience and insight that could shave weeks off your completion date, or thousands off your final budget. When you are ready, consult with an interior decorator to get a better understanding of what they’ll bring to your project and the fee they’ll charge, and be sure to review their portfolio to ensure you like their work.


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