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Man Cave Design Must-Haves

Man Cave Must-Haves

Originally envisioned as a retreat from the stresses of modern life, over the years the idea of a man cave has devolved into a glorified rec room. Forget sloppy sofas and sports on an enormous flat-screen; you can up your game with a space that centres socializing, skill, and stylish diversions. Man caves have moved to a new level, and these are three absolute must-haves:

1. Game table

Game Table by District Eight

Every man cave needs a card table. It’s a gathering place and focal point, so don’t settle for a flimsy folding job. The District Eight line through Nuevo uses reclaimed materials to fashion super-sleek and sturdy products.

This round gaming table features a leather playing surface set into hard-fumed oak with a shallow groove to hold your chips. The heavy cast iron pedestal base keeps everything in place, no matter how heated your hand. We love this table! It’s absolutely gorgeous, and sets the stage perfectly like no other piece of furniture.

Ping Pong Table by District Eight

2. Ping Pong table

No longer the sole domain of college dormitories, the ultra-competitive and fast-paced game of ping pong is currently enjoying a resurgence in popularity.

The good news is the 80s-generation green particleboard tables and their flimsy nets have been upgraded. Check out this contemporary solid wood model with a cast iron base. The leather “net” adds a touch of class to this essential piece of equipment.

Need another reason to buy: playing ping pong improves hand-eye coordination, burns calories and it’s easy on the joints, according to Metro UK.

Modern Indoor Shuffleboard

3. Shuffleboard

Don’t let this game’s reputation fool you. With this reclaimed hardwood table by District Eight, you’ll look more like James Bond as you estimate the path of your weight. The game, which resembles pool without the overbearing equipment, is the perfect diversion. Add any of these pieces—or all three—to your man cave, and elevate your style game.

This brand is part of the Nuevo family, which we’ve just introduced in Haliburton. We are wild about their use of reclaimed materials (metal/wood/etc.), which are absolutely perfect for games rooms and man caves. Thinking your space needs more than a just a table? Let’s talk about your man cave makeover!

SANTA’S TIP: Order by December 15th to get it in time for the holidays.

OUR TIP: Order by Nov 30th to get 10% off your purchase.


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