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The Hottest 2019 Decor Trends from Paris

Paris design week is incredible. This year the entire ACM Designs team headed to France for this show to see the cutting edge in decor and design, and 2019 decor trends. We love this show because of the rare finds and incredible new brands we come home with. It would be impossible to capture the entire show in a blog, but this round-up will give you a taste of the incredible textiles, wallpapers and decor items coming out of European design houses right now.

Let’s start with the decor trends that emerged at the show:


We fell head over heels with the organically-shaped lanterns made with natural materials. They are eye-catching without being over-the-top or too elegant. They are perfect for the Highlands!

Wispy feathers

They were everywhere! We saw light fixtures made with ostrich feathers that were 100% glamour, and a wall decor piece of juju hats (a symbol of good vibes and prosperity) that Katie is still talking about.

One big statement room

Forget statement art or a feature wall, everything was about making one big room statement. Think: wallpaper with a bold deep green and blue and blush palm pattern, and carrying the palm/foliage theme throughout the room in fabric and art. This style is not for the faint-hearted, but it is so awesome!

Eclectic bedrooms

We were really taken with the bedroom styling being so eclectic. Many design houses incorporated some bohemian elements, and rattan headboards were aplenty. (And a must!)

Ethnic rugs

Keeping with the eclectic theme, ethnically-inspired area rugs were shown over and over again and they are incredible! They are a great decor piece because they come in a huge range of colour, from natural hues to bright colours, and they add patter and visual interest to a room.


Deep-hued jewel tone velvet furniture is here in a big way. These pieces were often mid-century or contemporary in style.  We also say velvet being used for pieces with fluted backs. The matchy-matchy design went out the window at this show. Throw pillows were all about mixing materials, colours, and textures. Hand stitched or crafted pillows were also showcased.

Turkish towels

There were Turkish towels galore we were loved all of them! We also saw some stunning larger woven versions used as throw blankets. We already use Turkish towels in many of our the bathroom and kitchen designs, and this Paris show reinforced that they are here to stay.

Natural greenery and plants

There was lots of greenery was showcased, much of it suspended from the ceiling. Our take-home: plants, plants, plants. In vases, In hanging pots. They make a space feel homey.

Mongolian wool

Real or faux, it Mongolian wool is being used in pillows, throws ad small area rugs. But it didn’t end there: we also saw designers using it to upholster chairs and ottomans.

Here are some of our Paris design show photos:


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