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Press: Award-winning Haliburton Interior Design Firms Shares Information and Tips

ACM Designs features in local media

Designing the interior of a new or existing home can be tremendously fun, exciting and creative. With so many home renovation shows airing daily, you might be inspired to knock down a wall or two, paint a room a colour you never dared to consider before, or turn that old cupboard of your grandmother’s that’s collecting dust in the basement into an eye-catching piece that pulls a whole room together. Or, you may design your dream home from scratch. Either way, Andria Cowan Molyneaux, owner and principal designer of Haliburton’s award-winning ACM Design & Decorating firm makes the process silky-smooth and dream-homes a reality.

”We work on renovations, additions, and new builds,” Cowan-Molyneaux said. “We take the existing space and then design it or make enhancements to it, and create digital images of the design for the client to see.” This eliminates guesswork and allows for any changes early in the process.

“Interior design is spatial,” she said. “We take a space and create a plan for how the function and form is going to room. work Interior within that design space, works such off as the for a principles of anthropometry, which is the science of human measurement and how it impacts movement. For example, we can assess the measurements needed in a kitchen where you bend and reach, and figure that into the design. Interior decoration is more of a focus on soft furnishings. They are both incredibly important. You can have a beautifully designed home that’s very functional, but if you don’t add interior decoration to it, it can fall flat. It is the decoration that makes a house feel like a home, or a cottage feel cottagey.”

Cowan Molyneaux encourages clients to budget for both interior design and interior decoration for the greatest results. “Complete one space at a time, top to bottom, then move on to the rest of the plan as budget allows.” She also strongly recommends having a thoughtful plan that you consult with professionals on. “For most people, their home is their biggest asset. Why would you invest your biggest asset without professional guidance? You can make a major mistake.


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